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Our Pre-School was last inspected by OFSTED in May 2017


We were awarded an overall GOOD with OUTSTANDING qualities.


Read the full report here.


Below are some of the Ofsted quotes from the report:


Personal Development, behaviour and welfare are OUTSTANDING


"Children's behaviour is exemplary."


"They learn to cooperate and work exceptionally well together from an early age. Older children happily show younger ones what to do. For example, how to choose their food and pour their drink at snack time."


"Children have extremely strong attachments to staff, which helps to support their emotional well-being."


"There is exceptionally good contact with the local community and the environment. For example, children benefit immensely from exciting outdoor activities, such as trips to the forest, where they learn about the world through practical experiences."

The Quality of Teaching GOOD


“Staff provide children with many opportunities to explore and investigate."


"They take it in turns to spray water on to the ice and use words, such as melt and frozen, to show they understand what is happening." 


"Staff place a strong emphasis on supporting children's speech and language.

For example, they use what they learn from training about sounds, letters and sign language to support children's communication skills more effectively."


"Staff make accurate assessments of what children know and can do. They plan activities that focus on children's interests and quickly close any gaps in their development"

Leadership and Management GOOD


"Safeguarding is effective."


"The manager makes sure all staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities to keep children safe. Staff are able to identify the signs or symptoms that may be a cause for concern and have a clear understanding of the reporting procedure to follow." 

"Staff recruitment and vetting procedures are thorough and management effectively review and develop staff practice."

Outcomes for children GOOD

"Children are enthusiastic and eager to learn. Staff prepare them well for the next stage in their development and school. For example, children listen extremely well at group time, understanding the rules and taking it in turns to listen and speak to one another."


"Older children show a keen interest in sounds and letters, confidently recognising words beginning with the same initial sound."


"Children develop good independence. For example, they pour their own drinks at mealtimes."


"All children, including those who need additional support, make good progress from their individual starting points."

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