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A typical day at our pre-school!


Below you will find 'a typical day' at our pre-school. We have welly-walk days where the routine changes as we are out and about exploring the village, woods, school playground or the rec!




Our doors open at 9am. We meet and greet children and parents/carers and give out information for the day/week.


Once everyone is in we settle down and do registration/days of the week/weather and have a general catchup with the children.


9.25 am     

Adult led activities/ Letters and sounds – we split into our key groups and move into breakout rooms


9.45 am     

Snack Bar open (this is fruit provided by the parents/carers for each child)


9.45 am     

Child initiated activities/continuous plan


10.15 am   

Snack Bar closes


10.15 am   

Ducks, free flow play starts – the children can move freely across outside and the Rainbow room. Choosing where they would like to play.


Ducklings go to play outside with their key people.


11.30 am   

Tidy up time


11.40 am   

Story Making kicks off – this is where we learn a story told through speaking and actions, we try to learn a new story each term. Large group time.


12 pm          

Home time for some children, arrival time for others.




12.05 pm   

YAY - its lunch time!! Wash hands and tuck in.


12.45 pm   

Outside play/Quiet time, children looking at books


1.15 pm     

Adult led activities/letters and sounds. We split into our key groups.


1.35 pm     

Free flow play begins again, same as am session.


2.30 pm     

Tidy up time


2.45 pm     

Getting ready for home time



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